Marcia Harewood

DO, ND, MRN, MH, DNI, FGNI    Tel: 07976 619 313

Natural Health Care for All

Registered Osteopath, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Iridologist & Herbalist



The Naturopathic Iridology Diploma Course combines the diverse studies needed to master a truly holistic approach to diagnostics and the requisite treatments necessary to restore good health. This approach has enabled the principals’ own practice to achieve its internationally renowned success rate. While ideally suited to postgraduates, this course has produced numerous graduates who started with little or no background knowledge. Whatever your previous, or current, career, if your aim is to become a highly competent Complementary Medicine Consultant, you would benefit from this course.

The Intensive Iridololgy Diploma Course is the most extensive course available for ‘Pure Iridology’ in the UK. It is much sought after by practitioners and even graduates from some other Iridology courses.

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